30 Days Of Movement

This selection of carefully curated classes will challenge you to complete 30 consecutive days of movement and open you up to a wide selection of everything we have on our online platform!

Classes will vary from 10 to 60 minute classes, encompassing everything from chilled restorative flows and spicy vinyasas, to strengthening sessions, barre blitz and guided meditations.

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Your 30 Day Calendar:

Day 1 - kick the week off strong with our Legs On Fire sessions, designed to work those glutes and hamstrings!

Day 2 - continues the lower body focus with a bit of a Quad Party...

Day 3 - mid-week means Core & Balance work

Day 4 - stay strong with our Upper Body Tone classes designed to hone and sculpt your arms and back

Day 5 - work everything together in a Full Body Flow sequence designed to build strength and round off the week with a bang!

Day 6 - Restore & Recover as you head into the weekend...

Day 7 - create some Headspace for yourself before diving back into the physical challenge of the next week!

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The challenge begins whenever you decide to start and will run for 30 days. Each day you will receive an email with the latest video straight to your inbox!

Please note that the first video will land in your inbox the day after you have signed up for the challenge, and you must open your confirmation email and access the challenge for it to automatically start.