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FREE 7-Day Trial Challenge

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Day 1. Gentle Flow

Gentle Grounding Flow (45 mins)

DAY 2. Vinyasa Flow

Creative Flow to Start your Day (45 mins)

DAY 3. Barre

Lower Body Barre (20 mins)

Day 4. Strong Flow

Strong Ladder Flow (45 mins)

Day 5. Stretchy Flow

Release Tension (30 mins)

DAY 6. Core Pilates

Core Focus Pilates (45 mins)

Day 7. Restorative Meditation

61 Point Meditation (20 mins)

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Yoga in Lockdown !

<p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);"><span class="text-2xl">Yoga in Lockdown !</span></span></p>

Meditation training with Lou has been the best way to quieten my nervous system. I'm less anxious and feel so much more at ease with myself.

Karen Andersson subscriber

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