Peak Postures Series

Join Lucy for an asana based series as she moves through specifically designed sequences to prepare and guide your body to these four peak postures.

CROW: 1st in the series, this class will work towards this shape to help you develop the skills to execute this pose with modifications to suit. You will find a path forward learning the key elements required coming away with the skills to practice at home or in a class setting.

SIDE CROW: 2nd in the series is Parsva Bakasana where we focus on a sequence of upper body and core strengthening, and detoxifying twists before being guided into this peak pose. Often students are physically capable to do the pose but struggle because they don’t know the building blocks. This sequence demystifies the actions and helps you feel your way into the pose.

HALF MOON: 3rd in the series is Ardha Chandrasana. This graceful standing balancing pose mirrors the image of the half moon and hence the name Half Moon Pose. Just as the half moon reveals a perfect balance between moon and sun, this pose balances the body with the lateral extension of the leg and torso. You will work towards this pose with a sequence that targets the key muscles groups needed, modifications and variations given to suit all. 2 blocks are needed for this practice.

DANCER: Natarajasana, also referred to as Dancer Pose or King Dancer, is a beautiful shape and is a fun way to practice balance and concentration. This pose honours the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja. The sequence is designed designed to prepare your body to move toward natarajasana smartly and safely. With a focus on the front line of the body chest and hip flexors.

Suggested: Complete one video as part of your practise each week and follow the above order as Lucy has designed the series, beginning with Crow and ending with Dancer.

This series is built for you to return, again and again to.


After completing this series you will:

          * Have a stronger grasp of the fundamentals of Vinyasa

          * Feel stronger and more able to use the breath to help you into postures

          * Feel more balanced (both physically and mentally!)



Lucy has planned and created all 4 practices to help you approach these seemingly challenging poses using the fundamentals of yoga. Lucy is a Reiki master as well as a wonderfully talented and highly experienced yoga teacher and has a truly heartfelt understanding of the body, an ideal person to lead you through these classes; especially if you are a beginner and would like to challenge yourself and understand the basics of these specific poses.

Included in the course:

4 x Yoga Flows 

You can complete the series of videos in your own time and at any time of the day or night, as you have 24 hour access to the videos once you enrol. So the series can fit in with your work and family commitments making it easier to complete. 

How much is it?

£9.99 for one month’s rental of all 4 videos. Replay them as many times as required, constant 24 hours access for one month from the date of subscription.