Sculpt Series

Build a strong core and improve muscular endurance with this 6 part bodyweight only series - no equipment needed! As a trainer who specialises in functional fitness, Rianna has created and designed this series of 6 workouts that are only 30 minutes long to help you improve your functional strength, balance, and co-ordination. 

This series is built for you to return to again and again, and you can complete the series of videos in your own time as you have 24 hour access to the videos once you enrol. So working out can easily fit in with your work and family commitments - no excuses! 

Tell me more about this series ?
 These 6 workouts are designed with progressive programming in mind, so each workout will challenge you more than the last! The primary focus is on the lower body and core muscles, however each session will work the entire body and includes a warm up and cool down to make sure your muscles are properly activated and adequately stretched.

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After completing this programme you should:

          *Notice increased proprioception and have a deeper understanding of functional fitness

          *See improvements in core strength and muscular endurance

          *Feel stronger and have more energy 


Rianna Hemmings is your trainer for this series; she specialises in functional bodyweight training and uses a variety of inventive exercises to help you get the results you want without needing to go a gym and pick up heavy weights. Her sessions are typically short but intense and this series focuses specifically on progressive programming to help you master complicated movement patterns over time.

How much is it?

£9.99 for one month's rental of all 6 videos - SIGN UP TO THE 6 PART SERIES NOW

Replay them as many times as required, constant 24 hours access for one month from the date of subscription.