Take a Break From Work

Are you finding that your upper back and neck are holding tension more than they used to? Or maybe you're stiffer than previously and tend to get back ache more frequently? All these symptoms are likely caused by all this sitting down working from our laptops at home as opposed to the ergonomically savvy office chairs we used to have access to. Plus, since our homes have now become out offices, it'a actually that much harder to shut work out at a sensible time and many people are spending longer days in front of their computers and more time sat down...

Time for a break then!

This collection is made up of shorter sessions that you can do either sitting at your desk, standing near it, or roll out your mat for a quickie stretch to release some of that tension that's built up from work related stress of just pure physical inactivity.

This series is built for you to return, again and again to and we suggest incorporating at least one mini practice on a daily basis to start moving more frequently and making those regular breaks a habit.


This collection is broken down into three separate categories; movement, breath work and meditation. The videos range from 10-60 mins long so you can be sure that whatever your time limit is you'll be able to find something calming and restorative, or energising and exciting to fill that gap.

Included in the course:

5 x Movement Classes

3 x Breath Sessions

8 x Meditations 

You can complete the series of videos in your own time and at any time of the day or night, as you have 24 hour access to the videos once you enrol. So the series can fit in with your work and family commitments making it easier to complete. 

How much is it?

£15.99 for one month’s rental of all videos. Replay them as many times as required, constant 24 hours access for one month from the date of subscription.