The Chakra Series

This series with Lucy Butler invites you to explore your Chakra system within your body, to guide your energy so it’s working with you, not against you. It’s a way for you to wake up your physical body and mind, take stock and assess your current feelings, balance and energy levels – each practice allows you to recalibrate and feel refreshed.

What are Chakras?
Chakras are the 7 major energy centres that line the central channel or the spinal column of the body. Chakras are the areas of the body where we generate energy, process energy and emotion, and influence how we use that energy in our lives.

Tell me more about this series ?
These 7 yoga practices are a physical way for you to learn to harness your inner chakras, they are designed for you to cultivate, subtle body energy, to open, to balance and to explore some unknown territories within you. Each one of the seven chakras, will provide an opportunity to build more understanding of your own body and mind.

This series is built for you to return, again and again to.


After completing this series you will be able to:

          * Connect with and relate the various chakra yoga practices to their energy centres

          *  Harness your inner Chakra's to create much more balance within your body

          *  Feel stronger, more empowered in body and mind



Your Yoga instructor has planned and created all 7 practices to help you re-energised and balance your body and mind.  Lucy is a Reiki master as well as a wonderfully talented and highly experienced yoga teacher. She has a truly heartfelt understanding of the Chakra system, an ideal person to lead you through these classes especially if you are a beginner and would like to have a deeper understanding of yourself.

Included in the course:

7 x Practices 

You can complete the series of videos in your own time and at any time of the day or night, as you have 24 hour access to the videos once you enrol. So the series can fit in with your work and family commitments making it easier to complete. 

How much is it?

£14.99 for one month’s rental of all 7 videos.  Replay them as many times as required, constant 24 hours access for one month from the date of subscription.