Wake Up Well

Join Rebecca for this four part series that focuses on waking up and starting your day with a tailored practise depending on how your body feels. This series will help you connect more intuitively with your body, as you understand which practise relates to your current physical state.

Each of the four classes designed by Rebecca is aimed to help wake up a specific part of the body (see overview below) and help you with everything from a stiff back to tense shoulders. Most of the classes are slow flows that build gradually as this style of yoga will gently ease you into the day and is less likely to spike your cortisol (stress hormone) levels first thing in the morning.

Twist & Release: focuses on the spine

Lift & Lengthen: focuses on the hamstrings

Finding Space to Breathe: focuses on the shoulders and chest

Stretch It Out: focuses on the hips and low back, easing into the glute muscles

This series is built for you to return, again and again to; we suggest you complete one video as part of your practise each week and follow the above order across the month as Rebecca has designed the series.


After completing this series you will:

          * Be able to listen to your body and give it the movement it needs on a daily basis

          * Understand why slowing down is important for both your body and mind

          * Understand how different style of practise can help reduce tension and muscle fatigue



Your yoga instructor has planned and created all 4 practices to help you wake up well and start your day with a burst of energy. Rebecca specialises in Vinyasa and Yin yoga and is therefore able to expertly guide you through flows of differing pace that will allow to you stretch out any tension and warm up into dynamic flows.

Included in the course:

4 x Yoga Flows 

You can complete the series of videos in your own time and at any time of the day or night, as you have 24 hour access to the videos once you enrol. So the series can fit in with your work and family commitments making it easier to complete. 

How much is it?

£9.99 for one month’s rental of all 4 videos. Replay them as many times as required, constant 24 hours access for one month from the date of subscription.